What You’ll Need To Get Started On Your Exercise Goal

by kmstarry@gmail.com on December 28, 2016

As you know 2017 is right around the corner, with that in mind we are going to talk about what you’ll need to get started on your exercise goal. When it comes to weight loss tips, it’s not the “magic cures” that you should pay attention to, it’s the real, solid advice that will set you on a healthy track for the rest of your life. And when you’re starting a new weight loss goal, anything that’ll make things easier on yourself is worth trying. With that in mind, here are 5 steps you should take at the start of your weight loss journey.

1What You'll Need To Get Started On Your Exercise Goal) Buy A Scale: You’ll need to keep a scale not only to keep track of your weight, but also scales for the kitchen to weigh out proper portions of food. Many of us overeat when we don’t strictly measure our portions! Or if you are doing one of the programs that uses the 21 Day Fix eating programs using the colored containers is an excellent way to know how much to eat.

2) Find Support: If you can find an exercise and/ or dieting buddy then you’ll have support to continue even when things are at their most difficult. Studies show that dieting alongside someone else makes it a lot easier to meet your targets and set up healthy new habits. Also, we offer many different support type of groups which you can take advantage of, and that we would love to have you join us!

3) Get A Notepad: You need a notepad to note down the foods you’re eating, and even the exercises you’re doing if that helps. Although it can be tedious, knowing exactly what goes into your body helps you to improve things little by little.  Also, make sure you are planning your menus, shopping and doing weekly meal prep to save time. We talk a lot about this in our groups.

4) Go Through Your Cabinets: If you’re going to changing the way you and your family eats,  then you don’t want to have temptation all around you in your home. So go through all your cabinets and get rid of food that will lead you astray and won’t serve you well. Then go shopping and buy plenty of healthy snacks, like fruit, that you can have on hand for when you feel hungry. This should probably be number one, because this is one of the very first things you should do!

5) Choose An Exercise Program: Now that you’ve got everything else sorted, it’s time to pick out the kind of exercise you want to do. Need help, send us an email and we can help you. We will be running different exercise programs throughout the year.  Want more information send an email to Kim at KMStarry@gmail.com

Please stop by our Facebook page and let us know if you are having a problem fitting exercise into your day, not sure where to start, or any questions you may have and let’s see if we can’t help.  Find us here. Facebook page, or again feel free to email us at the email above. Let’s make sure we get a head start on a healthy 2017.

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