Want to Make Your Bathroom More Appealing to Buyers?

by kmstarry@gmail.com on January 22, 2018

Do You Want to Make Your Bathroom More Appealing to Buyers?Do You Want to Make Your Bathroom More Appealing to Buyers?  Is your bathroom on the smaller side or lacking storage? Getting creative can help you work on those challenges with space. Find ways to make extra space using these ideas! Try these tips to make your bathroom space feel more spacious and give it a new feel.

Vanity Cabinets – Many vanity cabinets are designed with small spaces in mind. Small bathrooms are more common than you think. Selecting the right size and width can help add just enough space for your essentials storage.

Medicine Cabinets – If you have a standard flat wall mirror, you might consider replacing it. Add a medicine cabinet to provide extra storage space. That can help get those small items off of countertops.

Shelves & Bare Walls – If you have a bare wall space above the toilet, a vanity, or other another area, think about installing shelving units. Purchase a few decorative baskets to beautify and maximize that shelf space.

Add Hooks – Add a few decorative hooks to the back of doors or open spaces to help de-clutter by hanging towels or robes.

Towel Racks – Installing dual style towel racks can help. If you have a need for extra towels, you can store the excess away in small baskets or bedrooms and linen closets too.

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