Fall Into a Healthier You!

by kmstarry@gmail.com on September 9, 2015

Fall Into a Healthier You!Join us for a super fun week the week of September 14th to kick of the fall with a healthier you

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We will provide you with:

A menu for the week

A shopping list


We will talk about:

🍓 Clean eating and what it is
🌙 The importance of sleep to your health
🍳 Meal prep how easy it is, how it is a time saver and how it sets you up for a successful week
💧 Hydration and why it’s so important
💃 Exercise can be fun, without spending hours in the gym
🍫 How I conquered my cravings for sweets that started after going  gluten free
👙 Not all successes are not scale driven
🎯 How to move on taking what you learned this week and incorporating into a doable daily lifestyle
😊 And hopefully some fun and laughs sprinkled in throughout the week

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