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Become A Beachbody Coach: And Start Transforming Lives Including Yours

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss?

Become a Beachbody Coach work your own hours, transform your life physically and financially working when and where you want while helping others do the same!


Steve and I are so happy that you are thinking about becoming a Beachbody coach. Steve is retired from the Navy. We wish we would have found this awesome opportunity while he was still active duty. If your spouse is in the military or in another profession where you make frequent moves this is an awesome way to build a portable business. You can do it from anywhere without skipping a beat, and with no costs for starting in a new location. No job you like that you have to leave only to move to a new location where you don’t know anyone and have to start a new job search, and by the time you are settled and love your job, it’s time to move again.  This is the perfect opportunity if you have a spouse who’s profession has them on the move!!

About Us:

2015-11-21_1149Steve and Kim are high school sweethearts who have been married for quite a few years with two grown children who are married. They reside in Orlando, Florida, but are originally from Pennsylvania but have lived many places in between as Steve was in the Navy for 21 years.  After Steve’s retirement Steve and Kim both gained weight and put taking care of themselves on the back burner. Once realizing that they could no longer do that, knowing that joining a gym was not the answer for them (been there done that), and being aware of Beachbody they decided that was definitely the way to go. So, they both signed up to be Beachbody coaches. While they are still on their journey of reaching their goals, they want to help others work on and reach their goals. They hold challenge groups every month pairing up their clients with the workout that is ideal for their goals and their lifestyle. They also teach them the importance of meal prep and meal planning, and how easy that makes it to stay on track…and yes it is easy and actually saves time.  Fill in the info below and let’s talk about what workout is right for you and whether you want to do it as a customer or a coach. You can even do it as what we call a discount coach. You get the discount, but you don’t actually coach.  Ready, Set, Go!!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to not only reach our health and financial goals, but to take as many people along with us as we possibly can. If you are on this page please know that we pray blessings on everyone who visits this page each day!

To be a Beachbody Coach:

  • No Experience Required
  • Interested in Creating Your Own Hours
  • Desire to Live a Healthier Lifestyle
  • Desire/Driven to Help Others Live Healthier
  • Interested in Being Your Own Boss
  • Work Part-time or Full-Time
  • Willing to Set Goals and Reach Them

Is this YOU?

What Beachbody Coaching Isn’t! – Being a Beachbody Coach is NOT a get rich quick scheme!  It is hard work, you get out what you put in!  You will need to consistently put in the time and effort into helping others and growing your business in order to succeed. But believe me it’s so worth it not only financially but in helping other people meet their health and financial goals.

Independent Beachbody Coach Information and Cost
  • A one-time fee of $40 to become a Beachbody Coach.  This is NOT a yearly or recurring fee.  The $40 fee is waived if you purchase a Challenge Pack or if you or your spouse are active in the military!
  • A monthly website fee of $15.95.  (This fee is waived monthly if you are active duty military or a veteran.) Beachbody provides you with three websites where you can do some minor personalization.  The first website is a Beachbody coach site, next is a Shakeology site and the last is your Ultimate Reset site.  I have my own website and blog to share personal experiences, nutritional information, and recipes but it is not required.
To remain an active coach you need to have a Personal Volume (PV) of 50 points per month.  Purchasing a month’s supply of Shakeology (at a 25% discount) is 90PV for example and you’re done.  I believe in the methodology of Team Beachbody that you need to use their product in order to be able to explain the benefits of the research they’ve done.  Plus, their supplements are amazing and taste delicious! I think you need to be a product of the product…however, it is not a requirement. The only requirement is the $50 PV.

Beachbody Benefits:

  • You receive a 25% commission on anything a customer buys from Beachbody using one of your links.
  • You can, if you choose to, create a team of coaches as well.  You can create a business based on a team of people who are passionate about the same things that you are. You can create the kind of team you want as large or as small as you want.
  • You receive a 25% discount on all Beachbody products including merchandise. If you’re using supplements today like I am, just the discount savings alone cover the $15.95 monthly website fee.
  • You get paid on a weekly basis, every Thursday morning!
  • No inventory to carry, Beachbody takes care of everything.
  • Beachbody also takes care of customer service issues.
  • Access to an entire team of experts on health and fitness.
  • Access to marketing materials and guidance on how to build your business.
  • Weekly team call and weekly national calls.
  • Initial and ongoing training.

Intangibles Personal Benefits:

  • I have found a new passion for health and fitness and have never felt better. And LOVE helping other people. I am still a work in progress in getting healthy and to be in the shape I want to be, that is the beauty you can start coaching at any point.
  • I have increased confidence.
  • I can give non-expert nutritional advice based upon my experience. I don’t have a degree in nutrition, but I know what is working for me and am helping others figure out what works for them.
  • I can help YOU get in the best shape of your life!
  • If you haven’t contacted us yet, please use the form below if you are interested in joining our team!
  • Or if you are ready to sign-up or make a purchase you can just go here and click on the coach icon on the middle of the page

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